Words I needed to hear

“All you wanted
It’s nearer than you think
You think too much
So you don’t see
You do too much
So you don’t listen
Do you love yourself anymore?
How can that be
If you are love
Try to see
With the eyes of trust
And the heart;
Have ears for your soul
That is at once the seed and the flower
And the pettles, even if
They are too fall
For a while,
They’re nearer than you think~”



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Today’s a fresh fruit, Monday skydiving

Again, stop.


Have a good time

The cycle never sleeps
The sixth time that you took from the jar

Pay the pennies in
But bills will come and flip – hard

The same stories
Try to view this from a distance

It’s good riddance

Same religion inflicted by this sick rhythm that riffs on memories and rips them
Onto the eyes of beholder
Can’t see it, more like lens less like blinds that can roll up that
Stay throughout the day
See a memorable face
Turned to a bad way
Back to the bad place
Where stand waits
And sand slates feel so good to the palm –
like water on napalm
Just stay calm its never to late to stop harm
Eyes inflated like tubes, a hate farm

Stuck in the head again

Gonna go back to bed again

Reconcile with the red again
It’s the third time this week

Stare at the bed sheets



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The Difference

…The Moon and the Water…

So much talking about normal
When I don’t understand
Why do you not understand.

Do you not trust me?

God knows I’m an amnesiac…
Everyone’s entitled
To their own great expectations.
That’s fine,
But I’m me, I’m mine.

Just trying to see
The fine line
Between the words
And the meaning.

Whatever the Mothers and Sons bring
If you decide to watch,
Not just me but the others too,
Let us Fall
On stone or soft grass.
As scars heal,
We’ll have the feeling
To know the difference.


Let me let the space in.
To be,
And to find the courage
To feel the difference.


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