Choosing the RIGHT Martial Art, and Choosing it RIGHT.

The decision to give yourself to a martial art is a good one. You will gain from it, and you will learn about yourself and about others in ways that you didn’t expect.

This decision is an important one, and it needs some consideration.

You need to find a teacher that resonates with you. You’ve got to find someone who challenges you to become better, yet nurtures your development and helps you heal your wounds.

You should find someone that you’d follow off the edge of a cliff if need be. Because you’ve got to trust the teacher that’s going to push you to become stronger. Without respect, there is no teacher.

Now you need to find the right style. What is your build? What is the purpose of the art for you? Is it discipline, is it focus, is it health, is it practical self defence? Is it sparring and competition? Is it real world self defence?

The question is, are you a fighter or a hobbyist? Consider this when assessing the atmosphere of the gym.

These are all factors to be considered before enrolling yourself in a gym. A quick search on the internet will reveal to you the different characteristics unique to each art. However the best art is fundamentally going to be the one you most want to devote your time to. The best way to get a feel for that is to try out some gyms. How did you feel after leaving, did it excite you? Did you like the people?

A martial art is a collection of guideposts, but the path is going to be specific to traveller. Get a feel for the direction that each martial art will take you in. Have a look around at the guys in this gym, are these guys that you would be happy to be like and to spend time with?

The difference between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kali is going to be the difference between rolling all over the floor and head-locking people, and calculated in-out weapons combat and disarms.

A martial art is whatever you make it. It is a tool for self-development and discovery. The host of benefits are explicable enough not to even be mentioned on this post. If you are interested, then take a look here.

First and foremost, the practice of martial arts, if you give yourself to the practice and practice off of your own bat, then you will develop the discipline needed to be become a force a nature, and a force with nature.

There is no best one, there is one that you chose right.

And really you should know… If you’re going to do it, do it right. Don’t half ass it;

Like my Sifu said: Train hard, fight easy.


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The Flowers: Cycles #5

Cycles move
Cycles change
Cycles come and go away

The path is green
And dark
And frayed

Many wander through it
Missing the sights

I miss this
I say to my lover
Perched in an old Beech tree
Seeing things
I used to miss
the way it used to be…

The birds skim trees
Making music
Silhouette the evening sky.
Some searching
Pack their tiny wings
Dive bomb fall down, then rise

On my way through opening, closing gates
I see
A flower stick out among the stinging nettles

We wander
Never knowing
Where we are going
Or what we will do
Me and my best friend
Follow the way,
I don’t say anything
Just watch him
Rustle through the brush

On stone I sit
I can feel the dry powder top,
And wander when this has to end
Remembering cycles,
The tragedy of the spirit
The most beautiful thing that could be…

Now I weep for the day that you go, my love
If I grow and shrink to become old and wrinkled
And I’ll be the old man looking at the flowers
I hope that I can speak to you of that day
And hold your hand as we pass away
Completing the cycles



Circles: Cycles #4

Moods swing like the tick of a clock

Letting being happen


Making a noise

A footstep

To be trod unto,

A path followed,

That will one day end

At the door of a new beginnings


Feelings tock

Emotions tick

Sensation points to something

One thing

One day known

On a cold Sunday celebration


Each and every hand and heart will

Cross a line

And cross another, and cross another

Making circles


Getting Older

When our joints start grinding
On nights I tend to wander.
My joints didn’t used to hurt of bending
Grinding, grinding, every day
Getting older
Things I used to say,
Now I’m telling
To kids who nod and hear me
But don’t listen to a thing

You stare at yourself
The mirror is shining you back
Stubble and broader shoulders
Frame you in a way unfamiliar
Like sitting in a carriage
Full of strangers
Realising that you are one of them

Advice I was given
Empty truths
till Cliche’s became real one day
At the other end of a candle
Time is burning away
and I haven’t shown my light yet.

Only 19
But at 12 I was only 12 and planning my future
at 30 I’ll be working for play
and Maybe I’ll play till I work
but I’ll be too old for that

And no, I’ll say,
I’m only getting started
The days of being old have never begun
nor never departed
I do what I do because I do feel like doing it
Your words are your own
So keep on doing it

…Something anyway…

What you say
Is what you have to say
but I want to hear what
and everyone
has to say
because they have it
They’re all on their tracks
There’s no cover for it
Even with a sugar coat
It’s the meaning and
Time’s floating away with substance running out

Wandering about my joints now
I listened to them
they say take the main-stance and time will take you
He nodded, I listened.

That was the time I washed through my stance firmly
and found myself joined in the warm fluid
Getting older


For those that are lost…

Write. Speak. Jump up and down.

It’s mad how long we can travel down the same path of fogginess. We are just floating through nowhere, from nowhere, and we goddamn hate it!

I challenge you to write. Just do it.

Writing changes everything. When you write it is as when you speak to others that you trust. You let go of the tensions that you are holding inside of yourself, you are letting it splurge out onto the paper. The act of letting yourself make the connection of your mind to the paper or the screen or whatever you use, it is going to shift your energy outside of yourself. If you successfully make this connection, this transition of energy, then this trapped energy will be unleashed onto the page, and you will find in your connection and your internal response to this energy the answers to your questions.

One must look at this energy, these words, with the advising eye of a best friend. Treat this energy truthfully, for it is you. Observe yourself! Watch your thoughts, your posture, your responses. First and foremost, feel your reaction to this watching. Do not let yourself be caught up in what one should or should not think, but allow yourself to see as if there were no right and wrong, only what is and is not. Let your response to this connection teach you of yourself. Let your response to your watching and listening teach you of your truth.

Now if you have not already found your way via these teachings, then seek inspiration. Seek those who inspire you, those who light a fire inside of you, who excite you! Those that you find yourself almost jumping out of your chair when spending time with. And again remember and understand through your responses, that the teachings that you will take from them is not what they tell you your internal response to their stance. Your patterns are your teachers.

The guidance that you receive from those that inspire you is the practice that you can practice in order to find your way.

Know this: that it is in the practice that you shall find your ground. Your internal response to the (consistent!) practice of this guidance will tell you what you need to know, and once you know that, you will be on your way.


‘The art is in the doing of it’ -Sandy Meisner

– Ben