Choosing the RIGHT Martial Art, and Choosing it RIGHT.

The decision to give yourself to a martial art is a good one. You will gain from it, and you will learn about yourself and about others in ways that you didn’t expect.

This decision is an important one, and it needs some consideration.

You need to find a teacher that resonates with you. You’ve got to find someone who challenges you to become better, yet nurtures your development and helps you heal your wounds.

You should find someone that you’d follow off the edge of a cliff if need be. Because you’ve got to trust the teacher that’s going to push you to become stronger. Without respect, there is no teacher.

Now you need to find the right style. What is your build? What is the purpose of the art for you? Is it discipline, is it focus, is it health, is it practical self defence? Is it sparring and competition? Is it real world self defence?

The question is, are you a fighter or a hobbyist? Consider this when assessing the atmosphere of the gym.

These are all factors to be considered before enrolling yourself in a gym. A quick search on the internet will reveal to you the different characteristics unique to each art. However the best art is fundamentally going to be the one you most want to devote your time to. The best way to get a feel for that is to try out some gyms. How did you feel after leaving, did it excite you? Did you like the people?

A martial art is a collection of guideposts, but the path is going to be specific to traveller. Get a feel for the direction that each martial art will take you in. Have a look around at the guys in this gym, are these guys that you would be happy to be like and to spend time with?

The difference between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kali is going to be the difference between rolling all over the floor and head-locking people, and calculated in-out weapons combat and disarms.

A martial art is whatever you make it. It is a tool for self-development and discovery. The host of benefits are explicable enough not to even be mentioned on this post. If you are interested, then take a look here.

First and foremost, the practice of martial arts, if you give yourself to the practice and practice off of your own bat, then you will develop the discipline needed to be become a force a nature, and a force with nature.

There is no best one, there is one that you chose right.

And really you should know… If you’re going to do it, do it right. Don’t half ass it;

Like my Sifu said: Train hard, fight easy.


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Taking Charge of How You Feel.

When you feel something strongly, are you the type of person who meet it with head on with their chest up and their eyes wide open, or do you dwell? Can you stand confrontation? Really the question is: Can you stand your ground?!

Don’t let ANYONE rip you out of your state of positivity. In your heart you know your purpose in life. You know that you control the way that you feel. If one day you chose to feel sad and depressed, and you chose not to do anything about it, then that’s fine, but that is a CHOICE.

You cannot share your gifts with others if you are not in charge of your own state. They are influencing you, not the other way around. The surest man* in the room is the most influential, and by being in charge of how you feel, and being dead set on your purpose, you are being the most sure man in the room, and NOBODY can take that away from you. They may think they can, but then that is down to you… do you believe them?

To take control of your state, you need to brainwash yourself. By brainwashing yourself you can manifest your own reality. This takes a clear vision, a clear sense of purpose, and an open mind that is ready to feel uncomfortable and meet life head on.

To control your state, you need to know what works for you. What makes you feel good, what makes you feel bad? You need tools. These tools are inside of you. They are mental, physical and physiological. These tools are utilised in order to promote states of flow, and rectify blockages. You need to know when it is necessary to use a tool, and how to stay in the moment with whatever you are doing.

In order for any progression in life to be effective, first and foremost one needs to learn how to take control of their focus. This is the first step towards self ownership.

Once you have taken ownership your focus, now you decide what to focus on. And what you focus on needs to be brought into manifestation through the body (This is why it is very important to be physically and emotional motile). Most people have energetic barriers in their body that disallow them from expressing themselves to their full capacity. This stops them from being able to manifest their inner life as a reality.

In order to break free of this physical bondage, I would refer you to this resource as a starting point. However, the body is the mind and the mind is the body, and if you can get them operating on the same level emotionally, then you will find that you are able to encourage postural and physical change purely through physiological means. Environmental factors encourage this, but in effect you are the one that is making the change.

All of this starts in one place: What you focus on DRAMATICALLY effects how you feel.

Here are some resources that I have written in order for you to channel your focus in the most empowering ways:


Finding Purpose


Sexual dynamics/Relationships


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*or woman