Vacant (eyes)

Nothing behind the eyes
The big blue
Elephant in the room

Your beauty sways like a plant in the gentle breeze
Your elegance and grace under the red light
Your gaze on me
And yet and I can’t feel love behind the eyes of the beholder

Your ginger locks are like a golden frame around your seduction
Your perfectly carved expression, made for this day, this evening

When did the grey descend in a cloud upon a room where so few weren’t dancing

You move for intimacy but that’s not what you’re looking for
You want something more

I want to give you that pleasure
An ecstasy away from noise
We’d bring the chaos with us where we would turn it into laughter and steam
And yet my heart turns in my chest
I stand and walk to my sleep

I live in a room full of people with no breath left to keep our hearts beating


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Image by Carry Jin