I Couldn’t Slow Down

I’m just the wind

The hills and trees stay put

I’m blown through them

Like the unspoken word; I’m the potential,

What might have happened

Had the stars been aligned,

Had the moon been positioned right

Against the waters


I’m a bad dream

What could happen

Like the simmering pot, keep the lid on

The light shines through, but it’s looking pretty grey outside


I serve you, not me but you

This guy over here

The one with the straight spine

The smiling one


Heart in hand I’m bending over backwards

So I hit the wall too fast

I guess one might say I skipped a beat

I couldn’t slow down


Looking now, I position the truth

Don’t try to touch, you’ll hit the floor – hard

It’s all about boundaries you see

Couldn’t be you without me


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Photography by Joao J─ôsus

Experiments in Serendipity

We grow like trees in the daylight

We move like pines on the floor

When the wind in the evening carries us our hearts

We decide on the find that we’re given unto.


Love is a forest in the moonlight

Love is the pines on the trees

Love is the heart the will (does) carry us through

It is the pine and the needle gone through


Heart is the organ of suffering

The one pine that the needle won’t show

Half of this life is spent moving it’s glow

Heart is the wind and the snow


Soul is the moon in the evening

It is the wind in the sun and the snow

It is the breeze that does move all these pine needles along

It’s the fear of the love that will go


Sometimes I feel like you know me

Others I feel like you don’t

The heart that does pump blood between us

Get’s stuck as a lump in my throat


Half of the evening has left us

Half of the blood moon has dawned

Some of the people in Italian streets

Are the ones who would give us our dawn


Sunlight still shines on the paving stones

Even though we are not there

The clock striked 11 and it turned to the 12

My love left her love in the air


Sundays have turned into saturdays

Then back into Sundays again

The rift that has gone inbetween us

Still exits as it does from my head


The fallow golf struck in the morning

The deer that is far from it’s home

The bird that is sat in tree smiling

Singing songs of a lover that’s gone


Farewell to I

Farewell to you

The snow sits so soft in my womb

This heart is pumping

The mellow dry bloom

and it sometimes reminds me of you.


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