My name is Ben Harley.

I’m passionate about sharing my gifts with the world and empowering people to share theirs. I feel that this is my life’s purpose.

As a student of BIMM (Bristol) Songwriting BA, I write Poetry often. I also sing and play guitar.

Of recent I have not been active as an Actor, however I have previous experience in Film and Theatre, and training in ‘Meisner technique’ from The Actors Gateway, and  also ‘Screen Acting’ from The National Youth Theatre in addition to extensive courses and smaller training programs from the age of 11.

I am always interested in reading new projects that are sent to me.

From a martial arts perspective, formally I am a grade 3 in Practical Wing Chun (graded by Wan Kam Leung Association). However in practicality, my ability in this martial art is at a substantially higher level due to my time training personally one-to-one with my Sifu in Winchester UK, and my inability to attend gradings at present. I also have experience in Kali Sikaran, and Taekwondo.

Best Wishes, and much love. Message me at any time. Love to hear from new people!