Change happened in the moment I said “no”
Not anymore. Enough.
Stretched to the ends of this tether,
this face that contorts into pictures conformities,
it’s mine, not yours,
and I’m taking it back.

The shadowy corners of the room reach at my eyes, stiffening this gaze
As if I had some floor to stand on,
Yet I know that what loomed before will still be there after I’m gone.
and I just stare light into the void as if one day it were going to wake up

I say it’s not a void, it’s a rabbit hole, and I’m here to feed
on the darkness

a vision slides over me: watching my own hand grab the steering wheel and take me
off the mountain (the air was so thick, I could barely breathe)

I am a picture of petrified and the icicles are forming on my brow
on my cheeks
the breeze is so cold
time is stuck
and I can’t leave.

There are raindrops pattering in a puddle in the middle of the room,

I can see my reflection.


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