Silver Cigarette

Cloaked like a silver cigarette
The rust put my embers out.
Rolling, drifting through the cobbles
Throwing myself out of windows on drive bys

I found the cracks
Saw the shadows on the walls of my new home
The creatures allured by a new dulling of the light
Sustenance, but this one burns

They found their way inside me
Laying their eggs, I squirmed
Closed up like a sour wound

Filled myself with pearls and shiny things,
Stole from the placid old man with horns across the street
And it was delicious
like a million heartbeats in a second

Then I open my heavy lids
And the aged dust puffed and fluttered in the rays of daylight against the wall
Winged songs of the smiling red eyed wilder-West

Here I am like a cigarette
Unfolding myself as the smoke rises
To see where the wind takes me


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